Welcome to DLCRE



Welcome to the Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education (DLCRE), which is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ).  The Centre named after Don Domingos Lam Ka Tseung (澳門林家駿主教), Bishop Emeritus of Macau, opened its operational research work in June 29, 2019.

USJ’s mission emphasizes teaching, learning and research in nurturing a community committed to whole person development and a caring, ethically responsible, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable society in Macao and beyond.  In this spirit, the Centre seeks to improve education for the good of society by promoting rigorous research, scholarly enquiry, evaluation of, and reflection on education, by disseminating research findings and their practical implications and applications, and by research training by:

  • Encouraging an active community of educational researchers, policy makers, managers, practitioners and educationists;
  • Linking with other educational research groups in Asia and beyond;
  • Conducting discussion, debate and open enquiry about educational issues, methodologies of research and theory development in education;
  • Providing support for research training and the development of high quality research;
  • Disseminating the results of research through many channels;
  • Acting as a resource for educational research findings and their dissemination;
  • Linking research and educational practice, policy making and action;
  • Publishing, disseminating, collecting, supporting and promoting educational research;
  • Undertaking commissioned, funded and non-commissioned research; and
  • Enabling educational research to inform decision making in Macao.

The DLCRE aims to create a world-class research environment and community that attracts the best researchers to conduct multi-disciplinary practice-oriented research, engage on knowledge exchange, assist the Diocese of Macau to support the work of the Catholics schools and collaborate with other higher education, and research institutions to explore forward-looking and innovative approaches to education within the strands areas of: Inclusive Education; Catholic Education; Leadership and Management; Early Years; ICT in Education; Curriculum and Pedagogy; Education and Society; Education and Wellbeing.